About us

Our history

Arti e Mestieri has been in Verona since the early 90s. The shop was one of the first in town to offer selected art craft from all over the world: tapestries, ceramic and sculptures were the backdrop for oriental-inspired jewels.

Today the shop is known thanks to the wide range of handcrafted jewels: silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings with semi-precious stones, coral and pearls.

“AM jewels are hand made with tailor attention to details and current fashion trends in limited numbers or unique pieces, even upon request and design on customer.”

I’ve been working in the shop since its beginning and over the years I’ve contributed to its evolution and growth.

In my creations I seek balance between shapes and styles, from classic trends to fashion, so that each customer can find their own jewel.

Every costumer plays a central role in AM, my mission is to ensure a positive purchasing experience listening to your needs and follow you in every stage of choice.

Jewellery atelier

Arti e Mestieri blends craftmanship and emotions in stylish and contemporary jewels


del gioiello.

Il negozio, col tempo e l’esperienza, si è trasformato in un atelier dove competenze ed emozioni si uniscono e si traducono in una composizione esclusiva.